Computer Repairs

Tips to avoiding damage

  • Always put your computer in your locker when not in class
  • Save all files to OneDrive on Office 365
  • Ensure charger is wrapped loosely in a circular manner (do not wrap charger around the charging box or around plug). Keep in your locker during the day – not in your schoolbag
  • Plug charger out when computer has been fully charged
  • Do not write or draw on your device (this will void the warranty)
  • Keep your pen in the holder of the case or in the pen loop on the keyboard
    • Your pen is only used for writing
  • Make sure that your computer, charger and pen is labelled with your name


Physical damage to device

Physical damage is not covered under warranty and is a chargeable repair. If something is visibly broken on your computer (e.g. screen) and you have insurance - please click the button at the top of this page for information on how to process a claim. If you do not have insurance and need to schedule a repair, contact Wriggle (01) 900-5060 to log a call. Pack the device in the box it came in (or a similar sized box if you don’t still have it) and leave it in the school office. The box should be labelled with your name and the school name. They will collect the device. A spare device will be provided by the school upon collection by Wriggle. You will need to provide the serial number of the computer. This is a 12-digit number which can be found underneath the stand at the back of the computer when open, as shown below. Only the broken device should be packed – do not pack cases, keyboards or other accessories unless these are not working.

Warranty repairs

Your Surface device is covered by a 12-month standard warranty. Your HP device is covered by a 3 year warranty. Where your computer or accessory is not working as it should, bring this to IT helpdesk for examination. A repair or replacement will then be provided if available. If your device requires further repairs this may need to be sent to suppliers or manufacturers. User damage is not covered by warranty. As with standard warranties, no replacement will be provided without inspection of the device.

Surface 3 Serial Number

Surface 3 serial number


Lost property

Students are reminded to have a sticker showing their name on all accessories. Lost items cannot be returned unless they are clearly labelled.

Microsoft Surface 3: Lost chargers and pens can be ordered from Wriggle or are usually available from larger computer retail stores (e.g. PC World, Harvey Norman, etc.)


Broken Surface Charger

If a Surface 3 charger is broken it is most likely from a damaged charging cable. These are readily available in local shops. It is important that students use the charging plug that was supplied with their computer - it is more powerful than a phone charger.


Device not working

Always try restarting the computer (Start Menu > Power > Restart)

If this does not work, try a full restart by holding down the power button and volume up button at the same time. The screen should go blank. Keep the buttons held down until the computer restarts – can take up to 30 seconds.

If neither of the above solves the problem email and explain what is not working. The device will be examined at the first possible opportunity (note: this may not be the same day).


Helpdesk will operate a student drop in service each week.


Forgotten password

Parent access to VSware: Parent should contact school office at (091) 799-001 and the username and password will be re-sent via text message

Student access to VSware/Office365: Student should contact Helpdesk or Mr. Callan to request a password reset.