PDST Poetry Awards 3rd in Ireland – Mark Roe

Congratulations to Mark Roe and his teacher Ms B Butler on achieving 3rd place in the Junior category of the PDST Awards.

There were a total of 423 entries for the Junior category in which Mark achieved 3rd place – he also got an opportunity to recite his poem entitled:

Racing Life through dirus Trenches



I’ve seen the buzzing bright young faces

scribble the form and pack suitcases,

I’ve laid eyes on every sombre son and brother

query the choice as they console poor mother,

I’ve witnessed the rugged days at sea, hoping never;

to reach direst Normandy.


I land there still, over and over

experiencing that same deathly odour,

I endure the splitting shell-breached bunkers

and soulless eyes of men deranged,


I’ve thought many times a solitary night

what it is the war we fight?


Still I carry this burden in my mind

every doctor’s opinion a knowing sigh.

Now old and frail, with a hollow in me

I relive this eternal day, constantly.

Mark Roe PDST 3