Using VSware

The VSware login area

The VSware login area


VSware provides details of students' attendance, behaviour, academic progression and timetable. It will also be used to make subject choices as students move into 2nd year and senior cycle.
VSware can be accessed by using the icon at the top of the school website or by going to

VSware can be accessed from any internet-enabled device including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Each parent will receive a username and password to access VSware. Note: your son/daughter also has their own login information for VSware.

If you have misplaced your login please contact the school office and request that it is resent via text message. Please note that your password is case-sensitive.

When you login to VSware you will see the following options available on the left hand side of the page (note this may look different depending on whether you are using a computer or phone):


Personal - basic information held by the school

A view of the term report page

Term reports - a record of scores from house exams. For detailed feedback please see the exam itself. Each exam coversheet must be signed by a parent/guardian and completed by the student.



Attendance - daily attendance record for your son/daughter. Click on any date to view attendance records for lessons on that day. Note that all absences must be explained using a note which can be left by student's in postbox in A-building assembly hall.

Student options - available when window has opened for students to choose subjects at the end of first year and the end of third year/transition year

Behaviour - positive and negative behaviour recorded in school


Timetable - up-to-date timetable for your son/daughter's lessons