Student Support Fund & Pupil Insurance

Student Support Fund


Each year we endeavour to provide a wide and varied co-and extracurricular programme to our students.

This ranges from all the sports we offer in the school to lunch time Music, Choir, Radio, chess/games, debating, school student newspaper, coding, Science, Young Scientist and a whole range more.

As you can imagine running these clubs places a considerable burden on school finances. We try not to charge students for buses to and from events and subsidise many more school trips to plays, workshops and retreats. For example, our Bus/transport bill between January and May 2018 was 48,000Euro.

In addition, this year we purchased a school radio facility for 5,000 and installed a new library furniture which cost 22,000 and was greatly subsidised by the parents association by 14,000.

These are only a fraction of the costs which we have for co and extracurricular. In addition, we utilise the student support fund to go towards the payment of the 24/7 personal accident insurance which parents can avail of for the son/daughter, we also pay for access to StudyClix for each year group which would normally cost 25Euro if done individually.

We also use the student support fund to assist those families who may be struggling financially from time to time and to assist students in their studies.

The contribution we ask for each year is 95Euro per student.


We have insured all students in the school with Brennan Insurances for personal accident insurance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Detail of the Scheme can be found here.

For in school accidents and sporting events which we bring students to doctors we administer the scheme.


Accidents Will Happen!

With school pupils these can occur at school, or while travelling to or from school or whilst engaged in school related activities.

Claim forms can be obtained from the school office, or online here.


Benefits Sum Insured

(each person)

Death € 30,000
Permanent total loss of sight in one eye or of one limb € 100,000
Permanent total loss of sight in both eyes or of two limbs € 150,000
Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in one ear or of speech € 40,000
Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in both ears € 100,000
Permanent Total Disablement € 200,000
Hospitalisation – Payable per day for a max of 90 days € 20
Medical expenses not recoverable from any other source € 50,000
Dental expenses not recoverable from any other source € 50,000