More Able Students

Coláiste Bhaile Chláir makes every effort to enable and encourage all students to reach a level in every subject which is commensurate with their ability by providing a relevant and differentiated curriculum. Some of our highest ability students are invited to take part in additional activities across the curriculum designed to stretch and challenge them to allow them to achieve their highest potential.

To ensure that all students make the most of the learning opportunities available to them their academic and personal development is monitored closely; progress is checked and appropriate targets are set. Our expectations are high and we take great pride in providing for students of all abilities and in enabling them to succeed.

Expert staffing, partnership with parents, links with higher education and our wider community all underpin the outstanding provision and personalised approach for every student.

How do we Stretch and Challenge pupils within lessons?

We ensure that all teachers take the following into consideration when planning:

  • Information from primary schools
  • Prior performance 
  • Particular aptitude in a subject

At Coláiste Bhaile Chláir we aim to stretch our Most Able in every lesson.

Examples of classroom provision for the Most Able

  •   All students study STEM from 1st to 3rd year
  • Students as leaders/teachers/facilitators
  • Students given particular roles in group work 
  • Ensuring clear guidance/exemplary material is given for what an A looks like

However, it is important to provide more challenge, not more work!

Examples of challenge include:

  • Higher order thinking skills (Analyse, Evaluate, Create...)
  • Open ended tasks which allow unusual responses
  • Encouraging experimentation
  • Extended research projects

In 1st and 2nd year some of our more able students are invited to apply to the Centre for Talented Youth at Dublin City University