Draft Policies for Consultation

Please find below a number of policies which have been in development for the past few months.

As with previous policies we are now seeking opinion from Parents, Teachers and Students on these policies for School Development and Planning before being ratified with the BOM. If you have any observations/comments please email amongey@cbcg.ie .

Draft Guidance Plan

Draft Counselling Policy

Draft Dignity at Work Policy

Draft Intimate care Policy

Draft RSE Policy

In addition, details of Our School Strategic Development Planning Focus can be found here. This year’s area of focus is Recognition in addition to our SSE focus around Literacy, Numeracy and Assessment of Student Attainment  of Learning Intentions under the Teaching and Learning area of Focus

Our next area of focus in terms of policy development will be a review of the schools Anti-Bullying Policy, SEN Policy, Pastoral Care Policy, Critical Incident Policy and Schools Uniform Policy all of which are being actively reviewed by school staff and student council before being brought for observations/comments. They will also be brought before our School Strategic Development Planning Group which has Parent Representatives.